Equipping Hour Classes

Our Equipping Hour classes take place each Sunday at 9:00 am. Classes are offered for all ages, and nursery care is provided during that time. Below is our current offering for adults.

Soul Searching: Coaching Spiritual Formation

Located in the Community Room

 Four hundred born again Christians were asked, “What are your personal spiritual goals?” Only twenty-six percent said “to grow spiritually,” and not one of those who did respond had any idea how to make those goals a reality.

This course is also dedicated to mentoring and coaching others who wish to be spiritually formed into Christ-likeness. The complete book of class lessons can be downloaded here.

Session 13: Simple Strategies for Coaching Spiritual Formation

Session 13 Handout

Session 12: Coaching Leaders and Disciple-Makers

Session 11: The Call to Leadership


Session 10: The Shaping of a Leader

Session 9: We Need Leaders

Session 8: The Spiritual Disciplines that Help the Regenerated Soul

Session 8 Handout

Session 7: Biblical Examples of Mentoring

Session 6: Mentors Identify Spiritual Core Values

Session 5: Friends Make Goals

Session 4: Building a Friendship

Session 3: The Stages of Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Mentoring Worksheet

Session 2: Dissecting the Soul

Agape Inventory