Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more common questions about electronic giving:

Is online giving secure? 

Absolutely. The online giving platform we use meets all of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates and encryption. Monies and information transferred will maintain confidentiality.

Can I still give via cash or check?

Yes. Online giving is not intended to replace other means of giving, only to enhance your ability to give.

Does Fellowship Church expect me to switch to online giving?

Not necessarily. If you already give via cash, check, or auto withdrawal, you should continue to do so. However, if you would like the option to give beyond your regular routine, or if this option enables you to form healthy giving habits, we do encourage you to use online giving as a way to give back to God so that these resources can be used for his ministry among us.

Are there fees for online giving?

The giver will not be charged a fee for giving*. Fellowship Church will be charged  a 1% processing fee for  eCheck transcations and a 3% processing fee for card transactions.

Therefore, we kindly ask that if you choose to give electronically that you prayerfully consider donating an additional 1-3% to offset this cost.

Will online gifts be included in my year-end giving statement?

Yes. All donations made online will be treated as normal tax-deductible gifts.

How soon does money transfer from my bank account to the church's bank account?

Money from Credit/Debit Card transactions are deposited into the church’s account that night. Money from ACH transactions take a few days to deposit, due to the delay in verification of funds required by the banking industry.


If you have additional questions that were not answered here, please let us know.

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*Credit card transactions may be subject to fees and charges imposed by a giver's credit card provider under their card agreement.